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Established in 1953, Cheiljedang began as a sugar manufacturing company within the Samsung Corporation (separating from Samsung in 1996). CJ Corp. has developed into a leading company by creating products that promote a joyful, healthy, and convenient lifestyle.

As an operational holding company, CJ strengthens its four core business sectors by constantly being selective and concentrated in the following areas: Food & Food Service, Bio Pharma, Entertainment Media, and Home Shopping & Logistics. CJ is well-known for executing global strategies with the goal of providing products and services that achieve a high standard of excellence.

The utmost effort is put into enriching the lives of customers by seeking to provide a comprehensive cultural experience through every product, movie, and other services. Well trusted throughout the world and respected by its customers, CJ is continuously offering a better lifestyle just for you.

For further information about the CJ Group, visit http://english.cj.net

CJ Corp.'s core businesses consist of Food & Food Service, Bio Pharma, Entertainment Media, and Home Shopping & Logistics. To coalesce maximum synergy from the four core business areas, CJ Corp. is fully committed to maintaining a strict and disciplined management strategy that includes a holding company structure for its business entities.

CJ Corp.'s objective is to maintain control and maximize its core competency, while allowing for creativity to take hold individually in each of the four core business areas. These goals are consistency, continuing strategic competitiveness, and sustainability for the future.


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