CJ Bio Expands

As CJ Bio America enters its fifth year in Webster County, the company is preparing for a $51 million expansion project to begin producing a new product. CJ Bio America will begin producing L-Threonine, which is an amino acid used as an additive in livestock feed. The new initiative will lead to jobs being created in production and production support.

CJ BIO America to Produce Threonine at Iowa Plant

CJ BIO announced its plan to produce L-threonine at the company’s production facility in Ft. Dodge, Iowa. CJ BIO is completing detailed design now and will begin construction in the second quarter of 2018. Initial output will be 20,000 metric tons starting in mid-2019. The total investment will exceed $50 million, bringing the company's total investment in Ft. Dodge to more than $400 million since 2014. The expansion will also create additional jobs at the Ft. Dodge plant.