CJ CGV introduces Cultureplex concept to United States

The general idea of Cultureplex is to create an immersive experience from the moment patrons step through the front doors to their enjoyment of CJ CGV’s innovative movie presentations. 4DX and ScreenX are two key components of this concept and immersive cinema experience. “As we look for new theatre sites,” COO of CJ CGV Americas explained, “we are focusing on excellent locations that, like Buena Park, lie in the center of a donut where multiple different communities can have access to Cultureplex—an immersive and premium experience for everyone that goes above and beyond what moviegoers typically see.”

CJ CGV’s Flagship U.S. Theatre Holds Grand Opening January 27 in Buena Park

CJ CGV will open its flagship U.S. location in Buena Park, California at the new The Source OC shopping center on January 27. The fifth largest multiplex theatre company in the world and a total cinema solution provider, CJ CGV operates 2,877 screens at 376 locations in seven countries. This will be the second CGV theatre in the United States, with the first located in Koreatown, Los Angeles.

CJ-CGV Wants to Keep Growing Its Chains

With an ambitious goal of operating 10,000 screens worldwide by 2020, CJ-CGV has pushed an aggressive international expansion plan which has taken it into China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Turkey, and the U.S. In terms of the number of the screens worldwide, the exhibitor has outstripped Odeon, the largest cinema operator in Europe, by acquiring Mars Entertainment in April. CJ-CGV is currently the world's fifth-largest cinema operator.