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CJ Group

Creating new businesses and enriching lifestyles since 1953

Established in 1953, CheilJedang (CJ) began as a food manufacturing company within the Samsung Corporation. Spinning off from Samsung in 1993, CJ Corporation has developed its business portfolio into four core sectors – Food & Food Service, Biotechnology, Entertainment & Media, and Retail & Logistics. Creating products and services that promote a healthy, happy and convenient lifestyle, CJ has become one of Korea’s most innovative companies.

CJ is at the forefront of spreading Korean cuisine and innovating lifestyles worldwide.

CJ continuously strives to be innovative with the goal of providing products and services that achieve a high standard of excellence worldwide. Well-known for executing global strategies, CJ now has presence in more than 40 countries. By globalizing Koreans cuisine and spreading Korean culture, CJ hopes to enrich lifestyles across the world.


Global lifestyle company inspiring a new life of health, happiness, and convenience

Core Values

Talent :

Exceptional Talent • Exceptional Culture

OnlyOne :

First • Best • Different

Shared Growth :

Building Ecosystems • Shared Value


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  • No.1 Food Company in Korea
  • Leader in globalization of Korean cuisine

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  • Biotechnology with Global Triple Crown (Nucleotide, Lysine, Tryptophan)

CGV movie theatre

  • Korea’s First & No.1 Multiplex Cinema
  • Center of K-Culture

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  • World’s No.2 Home-shopping Service
  • Korea’s No.1 Health & Beauty Store
  • Global SCM Innovator

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Inspiring new ways to experience Korean cuisine and culture

CJ America, together with its subsidiaries and affiliates, is leading the dynamic and fast-growing businesses in areas including Food & Food Service, Biotechnology, Entertainment & Media, and Retail & Logistics. CJ America’s leaders manage and collaborate with affiliates from the Americas to adapt to current market trends, creating long-term business plans to inspire new ways for all to experience Korean cuisine and culture.

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