TWICE’s ScreenX ‘Twiceland’ Concert Movie Makes an Immersive, Intimate Experience

TWICE has come together with CJ 4DPLEX to bring their latest Twiceland Tour to silver screens across North America this past weekend. While the girl group has yet to bring their full concert experience Western fans, delivering the show via a new tour documentary movie - including seven special ScreenX theaters - makes for a nice settleman for their hungry, international fanbase. The performances were heightened by the ScreenX experience with the 270-degree viewing experience utilizing both the center and side walls to nicely fit the band's nine-member formations, particularly when viewers could see closeup views of three members across the three different screens.

OGN Unveiled Its New BR Arena, Marking Beginning of Company’s Era in NA

This Saturday in an unassuming media district nestled within Manhattan Beach, California, the esports industry marked an important milestone: legendary Korean production company OGN Esports made landfall in North America, debuting their state-of-the-art studio via a full-to-capacity PUBG charity event. Fans and industry professionals alike got their first glimpse at OGN's newest venture this weekend. Although still incomplete, the venue reeks of promise: the 35,000 square foot studio is uniquely designed to accommodate battle royale competitions, a game genre that has captivated audiences for years and for which esports production remains a problem.

Sony Enters Deal to Release 13 Films in 4DX Format Next Year

Sony Pictures Entertainment signed a massive picture deal which will have several of their upcoming films being shown in the 4D format across the globe. Sony made the deal with Korean exhibition innovator CJ 4DPLEX. The Hollywood Reporter announced that the deal starts with the release of the upcoming "Escape Room" followed by 12 more films Sony will release in 2019, including "Spider-Man: Far From Home," "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle 2," and the untitled "Men in Black" spinoff.