John Legend Options South Korean Romantic Duo Program ‘Love at First Song’

John Legend and Simon Lythgoe are teaming up to produce Love At First Song, a musical competition program that promotes the idea of romantic duets as a first step to falling in love. The singer’s Get Lifted Film Co. will work with Critical Content and Lythgoe’s Legacy Productions to develop the show for American audiences, but the essential concept, created by South Korean entertainment company CJ ENM, remains the same. The program matches singers who have similar musical tastes in the hopes that those tastes reflect who they are and what they long for in a soulmate. In the process, the contestants might make some beautiful—and entertaining—music together.

CJ ENM Teams Up with BTS’ Label to Launch New Band

South Korean entertainment giant CJ ENM has teamed up with Big Hit Entertainment, the management agency of the sensational K-pop boy band BTS, to launch an idol band on the global music scene. The two firms established a joint venture named Belif Lab, aiming to unveil a new K-pop band in 2020. The new firm will host rounds of auditions in South Korea, the United States, Japan and other foreign countries, starting March 30, to recruit members for the envisioned group.

CJ ENM Invest $1M in American Musical

South Korean media and entertainment company CJ ENM has invested about $1 million in the production of "Moulin Rouge," a Broadway musical set to open in June. It became the company's third participation in the production of overseas musicals after "Kinky Boots" and "The Bodyguard" in hopes to strengthen the capability to produce musicals in overseas markets.