OGN Unveiled Its New BR Arena, Marking Beginning of Company’s Era in NA

This Saturday in an unassuming media district nestled within Manhattan Beach, California, the esports industry marked an important milestone: legendary Korean production company OGN Esports made landfall in North America, debuting their state-of-the-art studio via a full-to-capacity PUBG charity event. Fans and industry professionals alike got their first glimpse at OGN's newest venture this weekend. Although still incomplete, the venue reeks of promise: the 35,000 square foot studio is uniquely designed to accommodate battle royale competitions, a game genre that has captivated audiences for years and for which esports production remains a problem.

OGN Holds North American Launch Event, Showcases PUBG Production

On December 8, Korean media company OGN will be opening its brand new Los Angeles-based esports studio and arena to the public for a special event called the “OGN Supermatch: Alpha.” This follows the announcement in October of OGN’s expansion into North America for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)-related events. Four groups of the world’s top streamers will compete together with 60 fans in various Battle Royale games, all to benefit charities of their choice at the tune of $40,000 in total prize donations.

South Korea eSports Network OGN to Invest at Least $100 Million in North America, Plans Big Partnership with Battle Royale Giant PUBG

Electronic sports producer and network OGN is making its way across the Pacific, announcing on Wednesday it plans to launch in the U.S. — and will spend upward of $100 million to produce live events and other esports content. As part of the new expansion, OGN, whose parent company is based in South Korea, will partner with PUBG Corp — the publisher of the hit title PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds — and will pour vast sums nto the North American market. OGN has also produced over 500 global esports leagues and events in over 150 countries since launching in 2000. To this day, the broadcaster and producer still creates over 3,000 hours per year of esports and gaming-related content, which generate about 200 million total live stream views annually.