ScreenX Shatters Worldwide Box Office Record Increasing Last Year’s Box Office Performance by 85 Percent

ScreenX, the next-generation panoramic technology format, grossed $22 million in the worldwide box office in five months, surpassing its own box office record from the same time last year, experiencing a 85 percent surge in box office gross. This marks the fastest record-breaking milestone in the history of the innovative technology format. The top ScreenX markets include: US, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, China, Indonesia and Turkey, which all surpassed last year's box office gross. In comparison to last year's record, the box office gross increased fourfold in the US and doubled in Japan.

‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ To Be Sony’s First Conversion To ScreenX 270-Degree Format

For moviegoers interested in a new way to experience Spider-Man, Sony has set its first partnership with CJ 4DPlex to convert this summer’s Spider-Man: Far from Home into the 270-degree, panoramic ScreenX format. The July 2 release will be the studio’s first in the new format. Sony and CJ had previously teamed on a 4DX release of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Screenings in 4DX offer moving seats and other sensory and environmental effects to augment viewing. Far From Home will also be made available in 4DX.

ScreenX Inks Exclusive Deal with DTS

All new ScreenX 4D cinema installations will offer DTS:X immersive sound. DTS and Korea's CJ 4DPlex have formed a strategic alliance through which all new ScreenX 4D cinemas from CJ will exclusively offer DTS:X immersive sound. ScreenX currently has 200 auditoriums worldwide, 16 of which are U.S.-based. DTS:X has been installed in approximately 800 screens worldwide, and roughly 200 titles have been released to theaters in the DTS:X audio format.