CJ CheilJedang Executives Pay Respects at Veterans Park

CJ CheilJedang executives visited the Veterans Memorial Park Thursday morning as part of their visit to CJ Bio America plant, along with several sites in Fort Dodge and Webster County. Hyun-Jae Shin, the company’s chief executive officer, placed a bouquet, then bowed and observed a minute of silence. “Not only us,” he said through an interpreter, “but all the Koreans would like to thank you and all the veterans for the sacrifice they made during the war.” He believes that the future will bring better things. “A better future lies ahead,” he said. “For the U.S. and its allies. We will try our best to expand in the U.S. and do the best for Fort Dodge and Webster County. We will never forget your service and sacrifice.”

Bibigo Dumplings Join List of Top Food Exports

Overseas sales of CJ CheilJedang’s Bibigo dumplings hit 300 billion won ($270 million) last year. Sales of CJ’s dumplings demonstrated the most rapid growth, reaching 342 billion won, a 42.5-percent jump from 240 billion won the previous year. On the year Bibigo dumplings was launched abroad in 2015, it raised 124 billion won in sales. The following year, it sold 166 billion won, which dramatically rose to 240 billion won in 2017. Its sales in the United States last year were most notable with 240 billion won, more than twice the 100 billion won a year earlier. The dumplings’ sales in Vietnam also recorded 30 percent on-year growth to 20 billion won last year. The product is also popular in China, hitting 50 billion won last year from 7 billion won in 2015.