California Transparency in Supply Chains Act

CJ America and our affiliates fully support the goals of the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010. As our founder Byung-Chul Lee had stated, “a company must contribute to society as well as enhance the quality of life and growth of the economy through business.” This is a hallmark of our philosophy to co-exist and to promote integrity throughout the supply chain and the communities we touch. Our mission is to contribute to the global community by providing the best value with our OnlyOne products and services. Our vision is to become a global lifestyle company inspiring a new life of health, happiness, and convenience.

From its conception, CJ America and its affiliates prides itself in conducting ethical business practices and adhering to our core values. In particular, we strive to promote Shared Growth with a win-win approach for all stakeholders to grow together. CJ America believes in doing what is right and pursuing business efficiently by adhering to rules and standards. Through training, CJ America continues to advocate the importance of respect and empathy towards others, including within the supply chain.

CJ America and its affiliates strive to promote ethical practices in the supply chain. As part of our efforts to verify our suppliers’ compliance to CJ America standards, and applicable laws and regulations, all suppliers are provided with CJ America’s Supplier Code of Conduct for acknowledgment.

CJ America and its affiliates reserve the right to investigate by audit basis, when a supplier is reported or suspected of unethical conduct. CJ America requires all suppliers to be fully compliant to all applicable laws and regulations in their country of origin and the United States. Suppliers that violate applicable laws and regulations cannot conduct business with CJ America and its affiliates. CJ America and its affiliates will strive to implement additional certification measures to eliminate slavery and human trafficking in the supply chain.