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Inspiring new ways to experience Korean cuisine and culture

CJ America, together with its subsidiaries and affiliates, is leading the dynamic and fast-growing businesses in areas including Food & Food Service, Biotechnology, Entertainment & Media, and Retail & Logistics. CJ America’s leaders manage and collaborate with affiliates from the Americas to adapt to current market trends, creating long-term business plans to inspire new ways for all to experience Korean cuisine and culture.


CJ America Business History

In 1978, we opened a sales office in Los Angeles, California. In 1979, we relocated the head office to New York. In 2003, we relocated the head office to Los Angeles, California and we launched a food business called CJ Foods. In 2004 we opened the first U.S. Tous les Jours bakery store. In 2005 we acquired a pan-Asian food manufacturer called Annie Chun’s and launched an Asian film distribution business as CJ Entertainment. In 2006 we launched a 3rd party logistics business as CJ Korea Express. In 2007 we acquired a frozen Asian food manufacturer called Omni food. In 2009 we opened the first U.S. CGV Cinemas movie theater in Los Angeles, California. In 2010 we opened the first U.S. bibigo restaurant in Westwood, California. In 2011 we launched a global Korean food brand called bibigo. In 2012 we acquired an Asian food manufacturer called TMI Food Group and we held the first KCON LA concert and convention in Irvine, California. In 2013 we launched a bio manufacturing business as CJ Bio America in Fort Dodge, Iowa, began production at the first lysine production plant in the U.S., opened Fullerton manufacturing plant producing Asian food items, founded CJ Freshway, and CJ ENM co-produced the Broadway musical Kinky Boots. In 2014 we opened the first 4DX theater in the U.S. at Regal Cinemas LA Live and 4DX was awarded ‘Cinema Innovation of the Year’. In 2015 the first KCON New York was held. In 2016 we opened CJ Foods R&D center in Fullerton, California, founded CJ Research Center America, and KCON USA drew over 100,000 live attendees. In 2017 CJ Entertainment began local film production in the U.S. In 2018 we opened a New Jersey manufacturing plant producing Asian frozen and refrigerated food items, and we acquired DSC logistics, a nationwide provider headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. In 2019 we acquired Schwan’s Company in Minnesota, a frozen pizza, dessert, Asian appetizer manufacturer, acquired Kahiki food in Ohio, a frozen Asian food manufacturer, expanded KCON New York and held concerts and Madison Square Garden, and opened a Beaumont Manufacturing plant producing various Asian food items. In 2020 the CJ movie ‘Parasite’ made history by winning 4 Oscars including Best picture and we launched arginine produced from CJ Bio America in Fort Dodge, Iowa. In 2030, we plan to be the world best