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NOTICE: Fraudulent Recruitment Offers

Recruitment fraud is on the rise and affecting a number of companies, including CJ America and its affiliates. What is recruitment fraud? It is a sophisticated scam that offers fake job opportunities to job seekers. It has been brought to our attention that fake/scam job offers have been circulated by certain individuals or organizations claiming to represent CJ America, its affiliates, partners and/or brands. These scammers may try to obtain financial information, payment for job offers, or other personal information through various methods such as email, text message, or social media.

In order to identify recruitment fraud, please note that CJ America and its affiliates:

  1. NEVER conduct phone interviews via WhatsApp or other direct messaging platforms
  2. NEVER send job offers from free email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Zoho, etc.
  3. NEVER request payment, fees, reimbursement, or other monetary compensation from prospective candidates for employment
  4. NEVER request that prospective candidates purchase their own equipment or tools
  5. ONLY respond from an official cj.net email address
  6. ALWAYS make direct offers of employment and not through third parties

CJ America is not responsible for any fraudulent offers. If a suspicious offer or contact has been received, we ask that you contact us via email at recruit.us@cj.net. We cooperate with all relevant law enforcement agencies to take appropriate action as necessary. You may also contact the FTC or the FBI to report recruitment fraud directly.