CJ America

    Welcome to this short—hopefully fun—informational page about KCON! If you’re visiting our site for the very first time thanks for coming and let’s get right to it!

    KCON is the world’s largest fan celebration of Korean culture and music. We launched our flagship Los Angeles event in 2012, expanded to New York in 2015, and have since created events in Tokyo, Bangkok, Abu Dhabi, and more welcoming 1 MILLION FANS, spanning 24 events, over 4 continents.

    No matter where in the world we are, our greatest honor is to spark the light of hallyu within you, our fans.

    Through KCON, we invite you to explore K-Pop, K-Beauty, K-Food and beyond through engaging panels, an expo overflowing with innovative products (and idol appearances!), KCON-exclusive programs, artist engagements—your chance to meet and even hi-touch your favorite K-Pop stars—and, of course, star-studded “M COUNTDOWN” concerts featuring K-Pop legends alongside the hottest rookies in the industry.

    If you’re ready to see “M COUNTDOWN,” Korea’s top music broadcast show live, and to step into the world of Korean pop culture, then we invite you to join us in saying, “Let’s KCON!”