Red Baron



CJ America

    Red Baron® pizza, a brand trusted in 27 million households annually, is launching a 40-week, digital-first marketing campaign to engage consumers through social platforms, bloggers and influencers, digital banners and national television. Marketing activities to support the timeless campaign showcase the tradition and nostalgia of pizza night, family moments and pop culture across four decades, from 1976, the year Red Baron® pizza was born, to present day.


    “Our new Timeless campaign celebrates the role that Red Baron® pizza has played in family togetherness throughout our 40-year brand history,” said Kevin McAdams, president of Schwan’s Consumer Brands Inc. “For the first time, we’re capturing pizza night moments consumers remember so fondly — from their childhood to adulthood. This digital-first marketing campaign reflects an exciting new direction for the Red Baron® brand and we look forward to reminiscing together.”