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bibigo™ Invites Fans to Pay for Their Dumplings by Singing With Checkout Karaoke

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bibigo™, the No. 1 brand of dumplings in the U.S., is inviting fans to show their love for their favorite bibigo™ products by singing karaoke to pay for them. Checkout Karaoke is giving hundreds of people the opportunity to satisfy their Korean flavor cravings for free by filming themselves using a new bibigo™ karaoke filter and posting a small clip of their performance on Tiktok, using the recently released bibigo™ theme song and commercial, “bibiGoGoGo.”

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CJ Logistics America to Open New, State-of-the-Art Cold Storage Warehouse in Georgia

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CJ Logistics America, a leading innovative supply chain and technology company, announced today that it will be opening a brand new, state-of-the-art cold storage warehouse in Gainesville, Georgia. This development project is being led by RL Cold, a leader in the cold storage development industry. The 270,000 square foot building will feature Alta EXPERT Refrigeration Systems and QFM blast freezing, the latest evolution in QuickFreeze technology.

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